Stone Walls

Retaining walls are used for one reason: to hold something back. Whether you need to terrace down to a lower yard, hold up a house, or level an area for a tennis court, a wall will be necessary if you do not have the room to grade the areas gradually.

We have vast experience in the proper engineering and installation of retaining walls, and in fact have rebuilt many walls built by others that did not hold up. You only want to build them once!

Stone fences (essentially a back-to-back stone wall) are a timeless and beautiful way to provide a boundary, or to embrace a patio or entryway. They have been used for centuries to keep the livestock in, the invaders out and just to look good!

Retaining walls and fences can be built using all different types of materials, from natural stone to segmental concrete units to cast-in-place concrete. The design of the project, and your taste, will dictate the choice of materials.

As you will see in these pictures, we have built walls in all shapes and sizes, with one thing in common: they are all still standing.