Granite Mill Park – Greentopia 2011

We knew since the concept was first developed that we wanted to do something substantial in conjunction with Greentopia 2011 – Rochester’s first annual green festival held in the historic High Falls district of downtown Rochester. We offered to “decorate” the Granite Mill Park (aka the beer and wine garden) and immediately thought of using discarded items as planting containers. We up-cycled everything we could get our hands on from old, broken fertilizer spreaders and wheelbarrows, to a shopping cart, old wood stove, oil drums, unusable grills and industrial light fixtures and vats. Among the coolest of the found items were several Kodak reel film “caskets” that we found made both planters and benches depending on which way we flipped them! Add to this mix the glory of ornamental grasses and fall blooming perennials and you’ve got a winning combination for any yard or patio.

Not to stop there……. We also made scrap metal wind chimes that not only looked good but sounded beautiful in the breeze.