Bark – GardenScape 2005

We’ve gone to the dogs!
Welcome to Bark, a garden that’s more than just flowers.
Bark had bark: Birch bark. Lilac bark. Ninebark bark. Hydrangea bark. Peeling bark. Mottled bark. Dogwood bark. Bark.
Bark had dog bark: A stone dog house. A boney bench. A dog bowl fountain. A boney tree. A Bark-o-Lounger. Bark.
Stroll through our Dog Woods. Remember your beloved companion on our memory board. Enjoy the feeling of total immersion in flowers, foliage, Bark.
Bark was a garden that highlighted not only colorful flowers, but what we see the other forty-nine weeks of the year. Flowers are wonderful, but so is the peeling and mottled bark of so many plants and trees.
We also wanted to create a garden where, instead of saying “hey, get out of the garden!”, you can say, “welcome to our garden.” Bark was a garden that welcomed our devoted and loyal canine companions.