A Pond Installation

A steep slope in the rear of this client’s property was destined to be a large series of streams and waterfalls. Where there was nothing but lawn to mow, we created a patio, a deck, a pond with three waterfalls, stone pathways, steps and bridges, and installed hundreds of low-maintenance plantings. This home sits in the center of a geologic profile of cobblestones and shale. We used this material to create a look that mimics what a glacier would have left behind. A small deck off the back of the house cantilevers over the pond and is cut around boulders than we placed in the way. (Our carpenter loves when we do that!) We transplanted a very old dwarf Japanese maple from the front of the home to a raised island separating two larger waterfalls. The latest photos show the site after one year of plant growth. Over time, the plantings will flow over the stone, softening the hardness of their appearance.