Rochester General Hospital

Commissioned to create a design for the very public Portland Avenue side of the hospital, we used nature itself. For the construction of both the huge (100 ton) entry walls and the smaller outdoor “Waiting Room”, we chose to use nature’s own golden ratio (also known as the Fibonacci Sequence). This ratio is seen in many places in the universe, such as the nautilus shell. The walls follow this precise ratio as they wind their way around. All plantings were chosen for their traditional healing powers: Echinacea, Yew (Taxus), Joe Pye Weed, Witchhazel and others.
After the success of this installation, we were asked to design the new “outdoor waiting room” for the new Thomas Golisano Emergency Pavilion. This garden is a respite from the typical emergency department waiting room, allowing patients’ families to await word on their care while sitting among nature.